Our Apps
We have developed and launched Bhulekh applications for following states. Team is currently working on building applications for remaining states and those will be available soon. So, watch out for list of applications here.
Why Choose Bhulekh Apps?
We offer a great list of features. Here is the list of top features from Bhulekh set of applications
Custom Mobile UI
Bhulekh set of applications developed in accordance with mobile screen size which will saves user time to go to website and search.
Easy to Use
We follow design thinking principles. A strong product management team has designed all application in such a way that user can use it very easily.
Save Records
We believe in optimal usage. We have provided save land records feature so that user can save and download land records to access it in offline mode.
Share Record
User can also share saved land records using various modes like Whatsapp, Gmail, etc in pdf format.
Pdf Format
Currently user can save and share land records in PDF format which is very useful for printing and readability.
Free to Use
All our applications are free to use. We do not charge anything to user. We are dependent on advertisement for our revenue.
How to get Bhulekh app?
User needs to follow below steps to search and use bhulekh applications
Search Bhulekh App
Go to Google Play. Search for your state’s Bhulekh application.
Install the App
Download and install Bhulekh application.
Enjoy the Features!
No registration is needed. You can enjoy all features of bhulekh application once installed.
What Our Customers Are Saying
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Stay Tuned

If you have any queries or suggestions for our products feel free to contact us bhulekhapps@gmail.com